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Web Site Exposure and Branding

What do we mean by web site exposure? Well it is quite simple. Let's say, you have had your site re-designed. It is now mobile ready, and optimized for search engines. You have an awesome social media program in place, but for some reason, your web site traffic is starting to taper off. Now what?

It is time to get the word back out there

How do you do that? Well, DNS Technology Consultants, Inc. can work with you to develop a plan and a budget that will help expose your web site to even more clients on the Internet. We have many methods to help you with promoting your website on-line and off-line. We do not want to go into much detail here to the general public, because some of our methods are only available to our clients.

Here is just one example

DNSTC owns several different websites and divisions. One of these division is a group to produces murder/mystery dinners in the area. As part of those productions, there are opportunities for small business owners to become sponsors for very little money at all, and your business and website will not only be presented to those who attend the event, but we also thank those businesses on our social media network of well over 15,000 users in the local area. Not too bad exposure for starting only at $25.

Another Example

Another example would be to have your ads placed within our Internet Website Network. We have another website called Something2DoDifferent.com that provides event schedules, recipes, crafts, and other related items to the general public; however, mixed within these posts are ads from our sponsors. You see these ads here on our website as well. We could insert your ads into our network and your website will get even more exposure.

Even More...

These are just a couple of the ways that DNSTC can assist you with getting more exposure and traffic to your websites. If you are interested, please take a few minutes and contact us today.
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