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Social Media Content Planning

If your small business is not taking advantage of social media, you are losing out on millions of potential sales.

This is no longer an assumption, it is a fact.

Look at the following statistics of April 2013:

That is just the top 5 social media networks.

Let's put it into perspective:

Let's say you have 2500 Facebook Fans/Friends - That calculates out to be: 0.0033 % of the population on Facebook.

(In a 10 mile radius of Youngstown, Ohio there are 64,520 people on Facebook, same calculation as above, 2500 is 3.9% of the Youngstown Area population)

The average American spends 1/6 of their time on the Internet, on Facebook.This example is just Facebook.

How are you doing with your social networking?

Could you use a little help?

Why do most small business owners not take advantage of social networking?

  1. Time – They are busy running their business. They do not have the time to spend on social media websites.
  2. Money –Time spent of social media sites are for play, not for making money.
  3. Knowledge – They don’t know how to use it, or they are trying with no results.

What if there was a way to address all of these reasons and make your business grow through social networking with very little effort?

Would you be interested in finding out more?

How Do You Approach Your Social Media Posts?

Like This?Or Like This?

Creating a plan for your social media content and following through with it is integral to fully utilizing every aspect of social media networks. Creating an account may increase your web presence, but if the account just sits there or if you just randomly post information about your business, you are not engaging your fans. ENGAGEMENT IS THE MAJOR POINT OF SOCIAL NETWORKS.

DNSTC Social Media Content Planning Portal Welcome Video

Please watch the video below for a peek into our Social Media Content Planning Portal.

With DNSTC’s Social Media Content Planning Portal and Resources, not only will you be able to put together an informative engaging social media plan, but:


  1. How to Plan Your Social Media Content
  2. The Best Days and Times to Post Your Content
  3. The Most Productive Method of Creating Content
  4. How to Schedule Your Content to Post at a Later Date
  5. How to Track and Analyze Your Posts


  • Guided planning process with videos.
  • Printable worksheets to assist with planning.
  • Full list of traditional and non-traditional holidays.
  • Access to a database of 100 social media tips.
  • Access to a database of social media tutorials.
  • Access to 50 social media info graphics.
  • Access to 100 pictures that you can use to add your own captions for posting.
  • Quick access links to social media utilities for executing your social media plan.

To Gain Access To The Portal

In order to access the portal, you will need a username and password.

We are currently selling access accounts for a $99.00 one-time, life-long fee. This will include full access to the portal with the planning guide, videos, worksheets, resources, and databases. All of the information at your figure tips whenever you need to use it.

The access fee may increase every time we add major content to the portal.

When we make changes or updates to the portal, you will be notified via e-mail and all of these updates and they will always be free to existing members who have accounts.

To get your username and password, click here to get started.

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What you will find in our portal...

783 Dates and Holidays
22 Tutorials and Videos
126 Links to Social Media Tips
45 Social Media Infographics
119 Social Media Blank Pictures
17 Funny Graphics to use on Social Media
82 Funny Sign Graphics
52 "Not So Smart" Graphics
46 Other Graphics for Social Media

Current Portal Account Price
Until April 30, 2013

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