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During the fall of 2007, DNS Technology Consultants, Inc. marked yet another milestone in our business. We have purchased our own Internet servers and now have full control over the hosting that we offer our clients.

Buy doing this, we are able to keep development and maintenance cost to a minimum, as well as, have the ability to; install, maintain, and backup our client's websites with ease.

To mark this occasion, we established another sub-company website called YourEZHosts.com.

At YourEzHosts.com we don't belive in overcharging for web hosting. Why pay more per month then what you actually need for your web site?

At YourEZHosts.com, we pride outselfs on matching hosting plans to fit your needs at prices you can afford. If you are having a hard time desciding which plan is good for your website, please contact us for assistance. One of our representatives will contact you to get your started today!

Connect to YourEZHosts.com for more information about pricing and our hosting packages.

Domain Registration, Hosting, and Other Services

Visit YourEZInternet.com - Internet Services YourEZInternet.com is a newer site for DNSTC where you can register your domain name; obtain economy hosting services, and more for your website. We are switching most of our domain registrations and hosting purchases over to this site. In the future we will be combining this site and YourEZHosts.com together. All of the services provided for this site are through GoDaddy.com. This is our reseller site.

Visit YourEZInternet.com for more information.

Website and Application Development

Visit DNSTC Development Server - Website and App Development DNSTCdev.com is a website established for our developers. We post information on this site about our development services as well. We have many different services and applications that we can develop and design for our clients, so we have to move this information to its own website. Most of the e-mail services for DNSTC corporate run from this domain as well.

A quick summary on website development for small business can be found on the Web Design Packages and Pricing page.

Visit DNSTCdev.com for more information.

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Content Management System

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DNSTC WSMSFor years, we have been developing websites for clients who finally come back and ask, "Is there a way I can just update the website myself?" Of course, they have no idea what HTML is and how it works, and truly they shouldn't have to know. Why shouldn't they have the ability to modify their site whenever they wish? They own the site, they know what should be on it, and they should have the ability to post their information.

The Website Management System (WSMS) is a website content management system designed to allow website owners (who do not have knowledge of HTML) the ability to modify their website at anytime. It is a self contained system that once installed and configured will aid in keeping a website current with up-to-date information.

Get Started with WSMS

FREE Websites for Non-Profits

Visit YourNonProfitOnline.com - Place your Non-Profit Online for Free All of us here at DNSTC know that non-profit organizations play an important part in helping people all over the world. However, their good work is often hampered by financial difficulty. Cash flow is constantly fluctuating and there's never enough to attend to all of their needs. In an attempt to recognize the good work these organizations accomplish and help them in their goals, we have started Your Non-Profit Online.com At Your Non-Profit Online.com all non-profits are able to sign up to get a 100% free website professionally designed and hosted, no string attached. In fact, after the development costs are covered, all income the website generates goes back to your non-profit.

Visit here to find out more information.

Latest Blog Posts

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